Rudy Repa For Trustee

Rudy Repa grew up in Round Lake, and he understands the culture and values that make our township special. He currently works as a planner for the Village of Franklin Park. In this current role, he helps secure grant monies for the village and oversees various local government functions. Rudy is currently enrolled at University of Illinois Chicago where he is earning his masters degree in Urban Planning and Policy.

He has a keen understanding of economic development and transportation issues. He’s also experienced in community outreach having worked for several local elected officials. With these experiences and dedication for our area, Rudy is ready to reinvest in Avon township!

Rudy is committed to advocating for a transparent, fiscally responsible, and ethical government. He will promote government accessibility, championing policies that protect our parks and wildlife.

Rudy knows the importance of maintaining township facilities such as the Avon Baseball Complex, and hopes to inspire pride in our community and youth by modernizing the fields, utilities, and concession stand. Most importantly, Rudy wants to look out for taxpayers by blocking shady deals and corrupt practices.

Rudy is currently an elected Precinct Committeeperson for Avon Township Precinct 30.