Our Slate for Avon Township

Michele Bauman for Supervisor

Michele is an Avon Township Trustee and an outspoken critic of corruption and waste. She is leading the charge to clean up how Avon Township is run, seeking to bring transparency and full access. Michele has consistently been a strong advocate for every person in our community by working for a sensible budget, standing against tax increases and providing excellent services for our community.

Chris Ditton for Assessor

In his position as assessor, Chris would like to continue the progress made towards fair and equitable assessments. The overriding goal is to use our best efforts to ensure that every property is assessed fairly, so that the property owner pays his/her/its fair share of the tax burden and not more.

Kristal Larson for Clerk

Kristal is a former elected Avon Township Trustee who worked for financial accountability and transparency. While in office she led the development of updating a number of policies and procedures and attended numerous community meetings to understand and help address the needs of residents of Avon Township. Understanding the urgent need for change in Avon Township, Kristal is eager to bring her experience and resume serving.

Jeanne Kearby for Trustee

Jeanne has been a resident in Avon Township for over 50 years and raised her four boys in this same community. She sincerely appreciates her service as Clerk for Avon Township for almost eight years. Her commitment to the Avon Community takes many paths. She believes in political engagement, the education of our children and service to our community.

Jeff Loffredo for Trustee

Jeff is a proud member of the Pipefitter 597 Union. He understands the value of hard work and applies his strong work ethic to everything he does. As an expert in the construction trades, Jeff can play a key role in improving our township’s infrastructure. He’s running for trustee to be a champion of our community, improve its roads and strengthen other structural public works. Jeff will be an outspoken voice for government transparency, economical development and more responsible stewardship of our tax dollars.

Michael Dobrow for Trustee

Michael is committed to promoting fiscally responsible and ethical government. He will promote government accessibility, championing policies that protect our land, air, waterways and wildlife. Michael lives in Grayslake and is a lifelong resident of Lake County.

Rudy Repa for Trustee

Rudy Repa grew up in Round Lake, and he understands the culture and values that make our township special. He currently works as a planner for the Village of Franklin Park. In this current role, he helps secure grant monies for the village and oversees various local government functions. He has a keen understanding of economic development and transportation issues. He’s also experienced in community outreach having worked for several local elected officials. With these experiences and dedication for our area, Rudy is ready to reinvest in Avon township!