Community Issues


Fiscal Responsibility

Just as hard-working families across Lake County do, we will work to keep the Avon Township budget within our means. We vow to conduct a line by line audit of the township’s budget to help weed out inefficiencies and procure necessities at reduced costs. We aim to increase efficiency of personnel and phase out dated operations with more streamlined processes that will help save Avon taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars – while ensuring vital township services and resources remain available to the people we serve.

  • We will return Avon Township to spending only on items that benefit the people.
  • We will pass a balanced, responsible budget that does not spend beyond our means.
  • We will develop long-term maintenance and improvement plans for the future.

Our commitment to Fiscal Responsibility is clear.

Transparency and Accessibility

Being open and accessible are the foundations of good government. You have every right to know about the decisions made by all government bodies, including this one. Your voice will also be what guides us. It is our commitment to ensure that all meetings are open to you and records will always be available. We will also encourage every member of our community to reach out to us with their thoughts about the issues we face together.

Community Service

Avon Township provides a set of critical services needed by members of our community. Our team members have dozens of years of experience working for state, local, federal government entities and not-for-profit organizations that provide support services. Together, we will make these services even better here in Avon Township.

Economic Development

Avon Township is a wonderful place in which to do business. Our team will bring stakeholders together and develop a sound economic development plan and execute it. We are committed to working with area business, elected officials and community groups.

Protecting Our Environment

Avon Township can be a leader in sustainability and set an example for communities throughout Illinois. Adopting renewable energy technologies and updated recycling programs will help preserve public health and save resources in the process. Our team will work to implement new and efficient methods which protect our natural resources and every person in our community.